Less is more

Why do we prefer aluminum?

It is lighter – 30% less than an equivalent fiberglass structure –, thus the inflatable boat is less energy-consuming and more performing.

Robust and durable, it needs a minimal maintenance.

It can be processed in any shape that can be developed from sheet metal and ensures maximum customization at more convenient conditions (because constructing the mold is not necessary, thus avoiding this expensive initial investment).

It is environmentally friendly, because it is 100% recyclable.

The monolithic keel of Bayamo Rib is entirely in aluminum: this is why our ribs are robust but at the same time light and fast.

For the design of our Ribs we have relied on engineer Alessandro Chessa, working in Akesdesign studio and expert in projecting and designing aluminum boats and inflatable boats.


Development that is achieved by meeting the needs of both present and future generations.

For Bayamo, eco-sustainability is the DNA that gives life to each of its Ribs.

The choice of marine aluminum 5083 as material to make the whole structure of the Rib is certainly a strategic decision that guarantees less weight, less consumption, more duration and more stability, but it is above all a philosophical, projectual and technical dogma.

Aluminum is totally recyclable at the end of its life without impacting on the ecosystem – unlike fiberglass that must be disposed of incurring costs and onerous processes – this is the thought behind the identity, the mission and every Bayamo Rib.

Choosing Bayamo means to make your own excellence, avant-garde, tailor made, exclusivity and respect for man and environment.