Photo of Heron 7.6 /Stark
Photo of Heron 7.6 /Stark
Photo of Heron 7.6 /Stark
Technical drawing of Heron 7.6 /Stark
Technical drawing of Heron 7.6 /Stark

HERON 7.6 /Stark

Stark Heron 7.6 is the epitome of speed, safety and manoeuvrability.

Length overall 8.2 m
Beam 3.1 m
Dry displacement 0.9 t
Fuel capacity 300 l
Engin (max) 350 HP
Person on board 12
Tubes diameter 65 cm
Inner tubes 6
Boat design category CE B/C

With Heron 7.6 you can have the speed and comfort of a high-performance boat, also suitable for medium-long routes. Here we suggest it to you with a 300 HP Evinrude G2 petrol outboard, but you can choose the engine that you like. And not only the engine, because Heron 7.6 is completely customizable.

Produced by Bayamo, Heron 7.6 is an inflatable boat entirely made of 5083 aluminum alloy – with thicknesses from 4 to 15 mm – MIG welded. It has a monolithic hull with a load-bearing structure formed by five side members, on which the hull plating and the deck are welded, in which the tubulars in extra-robust (1670 dtex) ORCA Hypalon-Neoprene rubberized fabric are perfectly inserted. At the bow, the chain and winch have their own inner accommodation.

It is the first aluminum rib with double-step hull: on the water you can go faster, consuming less, being at the same time, more stable (less pitching).

On Heron 7.6 Stark board, livability is at its best. You lean on the bolster and the driving console is within reach. You reach the sundeck on deck or go below deck where there is a toilet and a bow peak set up for the nautical camping.

It is transportable using a truck: Heron 7.6 is 8.2 meters long (O.A.) and 3.08 meters wide (2.50 meters when deflated).

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